Learning another language? Talk To Me is the app that helps you perfect your accent in any language. You can also have fun hearing what your own language sounds like when spoken in accents from around the world.

Talk to Me speaks aloud any text in any accent. You can vary the speed and tone of the speech so you can hear what it would sound like spoken quickly by a woman or slowly by a man (or vice versa!). Enter as much or as little text as you want.

It can be frustrating to be able to read another language, only to be let down by your pronunciation. Now you can let the Talk To Me app do the talking for you. And you can practice your own pronunciation by listening to your text being spoken as slowly or as fast as you want.

If you are learning a new language, or need to interact with people who don't speak your language, you'll find this app invaluable.


Hear text in any language as it would be spoken by a native speaker

Vary the speed at which your text is spoken

Vary the pitch at which your text is spoken

Write or paste your chosen text into the text box, then press the 'Speak' button to listen to it

Select from 37 accents from around the world, including 5 different English accents

Select the 'Auto text clear' facility to automatically clear old text when new text is entered.

The app is localised into French and Spanish, and is fully enabled for accessibility.
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