Bee ID App

Bee ID's unique filtering system helps you quickly and accurately identify 91 UK Bumble Bees. You can also record where and when you've seen a bumble bee and learn more about them.


Ever wondered what that UK Bumble Bee was at your garden? Bee ID helps you successfully identify any UK Bumble Bee, based on a range of 14 features such as Pollen Sacks, Number of abdomen stripes or Wing colour. Quick and easy to use, Bee ID progressively filters out Bumble Bees with each feature selected, until you are left with a small selection. A positive identification is possible even from a limited set of features, so you don't necessarily have to have a perfect view of the Bumble Bee or a Microscope!


Bee ID uses a comprehensive database of 91 bumble bees. You can browse photos, and a description for each species, plus see a list of their identifying features. The in-app Help includes a detailed description and picture showing every attribute of every feature that can be selected.


Its easy to keep a record of the bumble bees you've spotted using Bee ID. You can keep track of where and when you've seen a bumble bee. You can also add notes and your own photograph.


Privacy Policy for the Bee ID app


Data Collection

We do not collect any user information, and do not use any third party SDKs.


App data useage

If the user uses the location feature of the app then device will request an accurate location and can be saved this within the database stored on the device.


Database across multiple devicces and cloud storage

The app database can be stored on the user's iCloud account, we do not have access to this information.

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