Aircraft ID is an iOS application for iPhones, iPod Touches, intended to aid identification of aircraft. It will also run on iPads or iPad Minis. Aircraft ID has three main features.

Aircraft ID's unique filtering system helps you quickly and accurately identify over 300 civil aircraft. You can also record where and when you've seen a plane and learn more about them.


Ever wondered what that aircraft was at your local airfield?Aircraft ID helps you successfully identify any civil aircraft, based on a range of 19 features such as tail shape, wingspan or engine position. Quick and easy to use, Aircraft ID progressively filters out aircraft with each feature selected, until you are left with just one option. A positive identification is possible even from a limited set of features, so you don't necessarily have to have a perfect view of the aircraft!


Aircraft ID uses our extensive database of 325 civil aircraft. You can browse photos, history and a description for each one, plus a list of their identifying features. The in-app Help includes a detailed description and picture showing every attribute of every feature.


Its easy to keep a record of the aircraft you've spotted using Aircraft ID. You can keep track of where and when you've seen an aircraft, and what their registration mark is. You can also add notes and your own photograph.

Get serious about aircraft - download Aircraft ID now and take your spotting to the next level!

1. Using the visible features of the aircraft selected by the user, the app progressively filters the list of possible aircraft until just one is left.

2. The application also acts as a sightings data base, allowing the user to record their own sighting information, and automatically attaching a location and address. It is also possible to attach a photograph, notes, and a registration code to each sighting.
3. The included Help screen provides details explaining each attribute of each feature with pictures that the user can select to filter the list of available aircraft.





This update supports iOS 14, including dark mode.




Now includes iCloud syncing of your sightings between devices logged into the same iCloud account (iOS 9 and above).

Fixed minor layout issues when viewing the help screens.

Fixed a crash for users of iOS 8.


Fixed a crash that occurs when the first filter is selected and then immediately the device is rotated.

Changed the order of the attributes and details in the details about each aircraft, to give the unique information used by this app a high prominance over the generic information about the aircraft that can be found else where, and is only here as a courtesy if you don't have an internet connetion.

Added user location request required in iOS8. - To ensure that the location is used within the app you will need to switch it on in setting -> location services -> Aircraft ID -> When using the app.


This update fixes the an issue in iOS8 where sometimes selecting two or three filter options would cause the application to crash.

Thanks for the feedback.

We are adding more aircraft to the database, let us know if you have any specific requirements, using

Privacy Policy for the Aircraft ID app


Data Collection

We do not collect any user information, and do not use any third party SDKs.


App data useage

If the user uses the location feature of the app then device will request an accurate location and can be saved this within the database stored on the device.


Database across multiple devicces and cloud storage

The app database can be stored on the user's iCloud account, we do not have access to this information.



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